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Gone are the days when you made an app, launched it and became famous within just a few days. Now the App Stores hoard millions of apps and to make a difference among so many is not a challenge to be taken lightly and we have seen many of our clients frustrate over the idea that for some reason their app did not work.

Did they have a flop idea?

Was their app not unique?

The answer to this problem is not related to how the app was developed and what the idea behind it was. They most probably had the next big app for the store, the idea was amazing, the execution was perfect but they lacked at marketing the product in the right way.

Anybody can build an app, throw it into the App Store and wait for some magic fairy to do the rest of the work but that is not how things work in the real world where competition among the apps is nothing but going up daily and moreover, not every App is as lucky as Flappy Bird you see.

While bigger companies may get away with a dent in their pockets caused by a few flop apps that fail to perform in the market but for smaller businesses and start-ups this is not really a very pleasant idea. So what should be done in order put in your maximum effort in marketing the App? Here are a few tips:

Plan Ahead

When you plan your App, plan its launch as well. You may begin by creating a social media presence for your app either in the form of a Facebook page or a Twitter account or both for that matter. Include market research in your launch plan as well, see what similar apps others have made and how are those working. If you have some special features for your app that make it stand out among the rest use those to the marketing campaign to the fullest. It’s a good tactic not to give off all the special features in one go. Once you have build anticipation among the audience regarding your app through a marketing campaign be it through print media or social media, you are all set to launch it officially.

Be Unique

This is something that every app developing company faces while creating a product. Being unique among millions of already launched Apps and then expecting your App to make money in this scenario requires some serious hard work. You can make your App unique in two ways, either incorporate special features into it that no other similar App has yet offered or you can target a specific niche.

App Store Optimization

Just like you need to optimize your website after launch for search engines to crawl it, you need to optimize the apps as well. Just like nobody sees your website unless it appears in the search results for relevant keywords, nobody will know about your App unless it appears in the search results in App Store for relevant keywords and genre. Thus, make ASO an integral part of your App’s development process to boost mobile app downloads.

Social Media Calls-to-Action

The one place people are very active is in social media. Their eagerness to share every detail about their life with their friends can be utilized in Apps as well. Use built-in social media call-to-action buttons that allow users to share anything related to the app either a score update, a leveling up in the game, access to certain features etc. Doing this, you are not only giving them an easy way to talk about your app but building a stronger social media presence as well.

Your App may be in the line to become the next big App in the market. Still, what really will help you reach that point is how efficient an App you have created and how brilliantly you market it.

Oleksiy Kuryliak

Founder of Rioks. Marketing Strategist & Auditor. Advising startups and enterprises on digital transformation, marketing operations and go-to-market strategies.

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