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War in Ukraine today is changing the digital space for marketing and tech companies.
With distributed employees, Rioks is taking responsibility for their team, anywhere they are.

Since 2014, when Russia invaded Ukraine, after taking over Crimea and parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, Rioks have stopped the relationship with businesses that were located in Russia and paid taxes to the Russian government.

Now, things got even further and Russia officially started a war which got recognized by most of the world leaders.
You can read on the topic from various sources:

A timeline of tensions between Ukraine and Russia:

80% of our team is in Ukraine and affected by the Russian invasion. We are supporting our people, their families as much we can, and making sure everyone stays safe.

So far, there are a bunch of tools and SaaS companies based or incorporated in Russia, sponsoring the Russian government, or have beneficial owners in Russia.
Of course, most successful companies are legally based in San Franciso, Zurich, Amsterdam, and other globally recognized territories. Yet, this doesn’t change the game and we know who stays behind the businesses.

Russian Software and SaaS Companies:

We have researched a few of the lists and hope you find the others as well. Our team is limiting all the companies mentioned on the lists from the partnership with any of the RIOKS365 companies.

As a marketing company and a digital transformation advisory, we are using a significant amount of digital SaaS tools. Those tools are helping our team to execute projects, analyze markets, and plan strategies for our valuable clients.

The day has come.

We are banning all the tools we ever used, that have Russian roots, such as SEMRush (100% Russian company). We are blocking IP addresses that belong to Russia. We are canceling relations with any other software company that is anyhow related to Russia.

We are a small company yet, and our decision to ban the companies that sponsor war in Ukraine is not making the change. But our social position and call to action for other companies can lead to something bigger. Together we are stronger.

To all our clients and partners: we hope that you all will rethink your relationship with Russian business and make the smart move. Canceling the servicing contracts and partnership with any SaaS company will not affect our business or the quality of deliverables.
As an example: getting rid of SEMRush will bring us to Ukraine-born SEO tools: Ahrefs and SERanking. There are a bunch of alternatives to many daily used services.

Hope you all have a safe sky above you and your families are safe: now and forever!
Regardless of the tensions around Ukraine, we are keeping working as normal, and welcome new clients to the partnership.

We are open to talks!

Oleksiy Kuryliak

Founder of Rioks. Marketing Strategist & Auditor. Advising startups and enterprises on digital transformation, marketing operations and go-to-market strategies.