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In 2019, FPT Software, a tech giant with hundreds of successful projects for a variety of industries, resolved to capitalize on its digital transformation and IT consulting expertise in the automotive industry. Since the success of the company does not automatically lead to popularity with Google, FPT Software could not keep pace with the hectic online competition and enjoy organic reach to the audience. This is what Rioks has been called up to change.  

Within several months, our B2B marketing company managed to dramatically increase the company’s SERP positions for competitive keywords such as “automotive software development”, “automotive IT consulting solutions”, “automotive digital transformation”, “in-vehicle infotainment development” and other industry-specific requests. Here is how we achieved this. 

FPT Software

Research and Analysis 

Any marketing or SEO project should start with careful analysis of business logic, an audit of the available technology stack, and setting of goals. 

Thus, one of our first steps was looking into the client’s target audience and completing a competitor analysis. Once Accenture and Infosys have been defined as key competitors, we have got inspired by an ambitious goal of outperforming the companies in SERP for industry-specific requests.   

Such a challenge required a comprehensive SEO solution that would include:   

  • on-site optimization: the resolution of technical issues, adding and optimization of HTML tags, text optimization, and regular update of the website with quality content;    
  • off-page optimization: news feed optimization and gaining quality backlinks from reputable sources. 

Further lead attribution proved that we went beyond getting backlinks and managed to use publications in quality media to communicate the expertise of the client, turning SEO into a powerful mechanism of inbound marketing. 

Keywords Planning Strategy

To generate targeted traffic to the website, SEO services should start with thorough research of industry-specific keywords and developing a robust strategy around them. Although there are powerful tools assisting with keyword research, it is also about looking into the client’s business and understanding its customer journey. 

To develop a corresponding strategy for FPT Software, we carefully analyzed all the stakeholders that take part in making the buying decision and the customer persona. Thus, we identified key informational, navigational, and transactional keywords they might be using on various stages of the customer journey.

Apart from the change to optimize the landing page for keywords that lead to conversion, not general research, the in-depth study of keywords gives much understanding about the interests and pain points of the customers. Thus, they inform insightful content marketing strategy

content marketing strategy

On-Site SEO

Starting work on the on-site optimization (also on-page SEO), we completed a technical site audit and provided explicit optimization guidelines to the company’s IT department regarding the required changes in the code and the website speed.  

Other optimization tasks rest on our shoulders: 

  • Landing page optimization 

We produced a new, compelling and SEO-friendly, landing page copy. A well-optimized landing page does not only improves the page rank but also increases the number of leads and reduces the cost per conversion. In the case of digital transformation consultancy, the decision is not taken instantly, but definite elements of the B2B landing page definitely facilitate this process. It was important to add them          

  • Content writing

Following the latest SEO trends, we did not engage in mere keyword stuffing. Instead, we focused on the creation of helpful and authoritative content responding to the queries of the target audience. 

We used smart text SEO optimization techniques to improve ranking and conversion or each post we produced for the corporate blog. Deep interlinking and content distribution efforts helped us achieve outstanding results, making the blog a powerful point of entry into the funnel.     

  • HTML tags optimization

Adding the missing metadata and optimization of meta tags has much impact on the website performance and SERP position. Here are the tags we took care of while working on the project: 

  • Title meta tags: A title tag gives a strong ranking signal, so there should be a unique SEO-optimised title meta tag on every page. 
  • Meta description tags: The meta description tag does not affect the ranking much, but it affects the click-through rate and, thus, conversion of the search.  
  • Image title tags and Alt descriptions: These are other important signals search engine crawlers grasp that boost SEO even if you are not blogging around a visual topic.    

Open graph tags: These snippets of code allow the content of the website to take a nice, appealing form when shared on social media. Since Google pays close attention to social engagement, this is another important factor affecting SEO.

Outreach to Trustworthy Publications 

marketing strategy

As has been mentioned, we have systematically reached out to authority publications to publish industry-specific articles earning valuable backlinks and brand awareness to our client. We are glad to note that experts in the field shared and applauded to the content we produced. The buzz around the publications and the increase in the website’s rank is one more proof that swaying away from the black hat means of promotion and capitalizing on quality content is the only way to hack SEO in 2020 and definitely a wise and sustainable marketing strategy.       

Project Outcomes

The campaign proved a real success letting FPT Software outperform its key competitors in automotive IT consulting, Accenture and Infosys, on the relevant SERP pages. The quality evergreen content produced for FPT Software will continue to bring relevant organic traffic long after the end of the project, as older blog posts perform even better.