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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a digital marketing process that makes a business website more visible, including more traffic and opportunities to attract potential customers. Moreover, it also plays an essential role in raising brand awareness, building relationships, and positioning a company as an authoritative and trustworthy organization.

For any business, marketing is everything. Thus, it is vital to work with a team with innovative and strategic approaches. We at Rioks offer marketing consulting services that have been leading enterprises and growing startups since 2012. Our activities in Singapore were aimed to help the medical tourism facilitator get their brand across and gain the visibility they deserve. 

The digital marketing of medical tourism delivered outstanding results due to the combination of creative ideas with the wide experience of our team. We did our best to allow Global Health Travel to dominate search engine rankings thereby proving how significant the impact of well-placed backlinks can be. 

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Our main focus was on providing end-to-end solutions based on data intelligence and customer needs. Improved UX helped to identify, analyze and understand user behaviors, goals, motivations and pain points. This allowed Global Health Tourism to stay ahead by creating a frictionless experience for users. 

Enhancement of their digital presence was reached through custom CMS solutions to fit the business needs and make the most of it. For the medical tourism facilitator in Singapore to stand out in the industry, the whole team of creative growth hackers, strategic business developers, and marketing consultants was engaged. It didn’t take long to see the result. 

Just recently, we’ve received our first review on Clutch, a B2B market research and review platform in Washington, DC. They evaluate solution providers based on their work, leadership, and customer feedback. We are happy and proud to read our client’s feedback published on Clutch.

Around mid-March 2021, the CEO of Global Health Travel submitted an online review about our partnership. We helped them redesign their website. Aside from that, we also created several features and functionalities to enhance our client’s UX and modular scalability.

“For a web platform, three years is already a decent time for it to last without any upgrades and refreshes. That was the main metric that mattered to us. Through Rioks’ work, our site traffic increased. Additionally, our members found the new website easier to use, so they were motivated to upload more content.” – Varun Panjwani, CEO, Global Health Travel

They even shared what part of our engagement they find most impressive: 

“We were impressed with Rioks’ communication methods.” – Mr. Panjwani

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We are truly grateful for this amazing review! We can feel that our partner really appreciated our efforts in this project. With that, we look forward to receiving more feedback in the coming days. Our excitement is uncontainable because we see Clutch as an incredible platform to showcase our talent and work.

Another thing to be proud of is that we were recently featured on the 2021 Manifest list of best SEO companies in Singapore. The Manifest is a B2B news website and a sister company of Clutch. They recognized our services in PPC, SEO, digital strategy, and marketing strategy. 

We are overwhelmed and thrilled with this recognition. We believe that the platform will open more opportunities for Rioks. 

Be in an advantageous position in marketing by working with us!  Contact us and see how you can strengthen your business with digital advertising and take it to the whole new level.

Emily Clark

Creative Writer and Marketer at Clutch.