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In the modern world of marketing technologies that are growing and spreading around, traditional (outbound) marketing is not engaging enough. Companies are looking for better solutions in marketing performance. It’s not a secret anymore that Google is a key in your business visibility, but what are you doing to gain the attention of visitors and keep them engaged during a time? Inbound marketing is key in this battle.

Modern consumers are not getting attracted by advertising, they do everything to avoid seeing ads on TV, online on the streets. Your consumers don’t want to be disturbed by annoying messages that companies want to show, they don’t want to be forced to watch what they don’t want to see. Even simpler, they don’t have time. Inbound marketing is a way of delivering a message to your target audience in the way they want to see it and in time they expect to get particular information.

Inbound marketing makes consumers find you, get interested in you, communicate with you, keep a relationship with you. Here is where SEO, Social Media, Viral and Content Marketing comes. Meanwhile, you don’t need to forget that it can’t be a standalone marketing solution for your business and it’s not what just happens by itself. You do your inbound marketing, and more open you are – better attention you get.

To compare Inbound marketing vs Outbound marketing and to describe what is Inbound marketing about, Voltier Digital designed a very informative infographic that describes all aspects of two key marketing technologies. Have a look!


Oleksiy Kuryliak

Founder of Rioks. Marketing Strategist & Auditor. Advising startups and enterprises on digital transformation, marketing operations and go-to-market strategies.

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