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In business, your reputation is one of the most important things you have. Even a good reputation that takes years to build can disappear overnight.

It comes as no surprise that when people are considering options before making a purchase, they’ll research their options and think about how other people view each. People care about what others think. It’s something you need to realize as you try to increase your app’s downloads. How do you make sure that when they finish researching their options, they leave with a positive view of your app?

Reviews are the answer to your question. On top of that, they’ll do more than just show your app in a good light––good reviews can help it appear higher in app store search results. Here are three ways to ensure you receive great reviews about your mobile app.

Simplify the Review Process

When smartphones first came out, getting users to leave a review for your app was an entire process. They had to go to the app store, search and find your app, and then leave their review. Think about ways that you can make it easier for users to post a review.

Try to meet them where they already are––if you are emailing them asking for a review, link them directly to the review page. Ask for the star rating before a detailed review. Behavioral science studies have found that people are more likely to do you a favor if you ask them for a smaller one first.

In other words, once you get users to give your app a star rating, they’ll be more likely to complete a full review when you ask.

Proactively asking users to review your app is more successful than hoping users will review your app positively on their own.

Use a Plugin

You might be surprised to hear it, but sometimes all you need to do to get someone to do you a favor is ask them. Just ask your users kindly to review your app. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Except for when it does. You can add a plug-in to your app that will automatically ask users for a review. Be careful, though. Asking too frequently or too early after a user downloads your app could be annoying for the user, resulting in a bad review–no matter what they actually think of your app.

While review prompts are a good way to get reviews (good or bad), being tactful about when you ask for reviews can make all the difference. Don’t sacrifice the user experience for one review.

The good news is that some plug-ins come with built-in solutions to these problems. You can schedule a plug-in to ask for a review only after the app has been used a certain number of times or a set period of time.

Even better, wait for the user to accomplish something within your app before requesting a review.

Plug-ins can make gathering reviews an automatic process.

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Host a Contest

With a new app especially, it can be difficult to get reviews. You just launched the app and people probably haven’t formed an opinion of your app yet. Hosting a contest can be a great method of getting more people engaging with your app.

You could create a contest that includes everyone who has written a review over a certain period of time. Of the people who have left reviews, you can hold a lottery and award a prize to the winner. An Amazon or Visa gift card are always great options as motivating prizes. Lots of fast food restaurants offer free food in return for leaving an online review after a visit.

If people think that they are going to get something out of it, they’ll be more likely to leave a review.


Collect Reviews Successfully for Your Mobile App

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If you need to increase your number of mobile app downloads, focus on getting reviews.

Make it easy for users to leave a review by linking them directly to the page or using a plug-in to post one directly from your app. Try hosting a contest that offers a prize entry in return for a review. As you receive more positive reviews, your app store ranking and reputation will improve.

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Emily Clark

Creative Writer and Marketer at Clutch.