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We all have them in our pockets. I’m talking, of course, about our mobile devices. Due to society’s growing addiction to mobiles, entrepreneurs realize the urgent need of having their own mobile app. Even your local cafe might have an app to have your cappuccino delivered at your doorstep or to collect discounts like in Starbucks app. Small and big businesses all over the globe have started migrating from physical shops and print advertising to the mobile realm. And you should too.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the ever-so-actual issue of how to hire an app developer who will add value to your product.

Let’s get started with what you should look for in a mobile app developer to make the right decision for your business.

Find someone who can do more for your business than just code

Does the prospective developer have any experience in creating apps in this category? Try to find an app developer able to give creative input to your business based on their experience in very similar cases. Or, at least, give the app development company enough time to understand your business objectives.

Maybe, this list of Top App Developers in 2018 provided by AppFuture will help you make the right choice.

App development team is better than a “lone wolf developer”

For a small business with a limited budget, the best solution is often to hire a freelance app developer. If you only need basic features like a coffee machine that can operate without being connected to a network, you probably don’t need the best development team to create an app with the excellent functional design and good user experience. Just listen to the dramatic outsourcing experience of the SwagSoft team, mobile app development company:

“Every company has its ‘Cinderella’s story’ about those dark times when it’s just started entering the market. Our story started as the outsourcing drama. When SwagSoft was a 3-man team only, we had to outsource one of our app development projects. Working with freelancers we heard so many excuses for missing the deadlines that we could easily write a guidebook “1000 Excuses for F*cking Up Your Client’s Deadlines”. Anyway, we ended up making the app on our own, but since that time we decided not to take such risks again.”

If you DO want to beat the competition you should better hire an expert app development team providing a comprehensive suite of services such as design, usability, testing, and even mobile app marketing. A multifunctional team with many hands on deck is more likely to create a polished and consistent product than a “lone wolf developer”.

Check out their portfolio

I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you… but finding a coder is not enough.

If you want to create an app that works better than a calculator you should find an app developer with these Must-Have UX/UI Design Skills, according to CMSWire. A good portfolio should have beautiful looking apps with excellent user interfaces. Truly great UX/UI design is what separates successful appsfrom unsuccessful ones.

Ask for clients references

Nothing is more powerful than someone vouching for you. Look for app developers who can readily share the contacts of their old clients. This way you can get real feedback on this app development team and avoid potential pitfalls.

Download their previous apps and see how they’re performing. Are they running like clockwork? Or do they have unexpected crashes and bugs? Getting a vote of confidence you can definitely move forward with an app developer.

A developer should become a godfather for your product

If you still looking for a “one-night-stand” developer, you’re sadly mistaken. App development isn’t a one-time activity. Try to build long-term relationships with a person who is able to stick with you through the lifecycle of your product.

An app will naturally go through many evolutions based on user feedback. Moreover, constant cooperation will automatically help build trust between you and a mobile app developer what is paramount to project success.

Don’t let price drive you

Now take a deep breath and read on. As you probably know by now, creating a good app isn’t cheap.

You might guess that the complex features and functions required to build your app will impact the price.

However, don’t let the price influence your decision too much. The lowest cost option usually turns out to be more expensive in a long run. The quality of your app may suffer as a result and you might look for another developer to redo an app. Is it really worth it to take risks?


Hiring the right person is the key to creating an awesome app able to take your brand to the next level. With an app, you can highlight why your users should trust you by showing (rather than telling) what your company stands for.

At the same time, if the hiring process is way to complex for your team, and you desire to focus on the business and delivery first, you should definitely consider outsourcing HR activities to the Professional employer organizations (POC), who will help you stay ahead. You may find a selected list of POC companies on the Designrush blog or any other places.

Dana Kachan

A passionate writer and content marketing specialist at Rioks.