An Ultimate GUIDE to Optimizing Your FIVERR’s Profile

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Think of Fiverr? The first thing that gets your mind is the money. Fiverr has already been overcrowded these days with the thousands of sellers offering millions of services. This rise up has given a hit to the pool of competition among the sellers. Therefore, ignoring the importance of making a professional Fiverr’s profile is your first mistake.

Optimizing your Fiverr’s profile is the blood life of your business. A professional Profile gives a buyer the 1st impression about your personality and professionality. It also helps in attracting more buyers because they are always looking for professional and experienced freelancers to avoid havocs.

So, Why the optimization of your Fiverr’s profile is important?

The answer to this question is:

  • You appear more authentic and professional.
  • It is easy to build trust between buyers and you.
  • It gives an ultimate information on who you are.
  • Attract more buyers and more money.

How to Make a Fiverr Account

How to make a Fiverr account

Starting out on Fiverr is fun and easy. One of the reasons of the Fiverr’s success is its clear navigation and easy to use website. Anyone can make a Free account atFiverr using three options of signup.

  • Email signup
  • Facebook signup
  • Google plus signup

I recommend using Email signup because it helps with so many things in the future like payments info, orders notifications and so on. Here are few more suggestions that I believe are necessary.

  1. Use your real name as your username. Nobody likes to deal with some spammy person who is hidden behind the curtains. Avoid using “writeroflife” or “SEOshooter” like usernames.
  2. Once your account is being created. Go to the settings>Account setting and connect your google plus and facebook with your Fiverr account. It brings more authenticity to your Fiverr’s profile.

Creating a Profile on Fiverr

Now it comes the real part where you get a chance to stand out and showcase yourself uniquely. It is a kind of brief introduction that gives an ultimate idea to the buyer that who you are and what you do. Making your profile professionally makes a lot of difference. A complete profile has:

  1. Professional tagline
  2. Profile picture
  3. Fiverr Profile Description

Let’s have a look on each.

A short, sweet yet a compelling tagline

attractive tagline for fiverr profile


It is not just a line with the few words of introduction. It’s your personal branding statement that positions you as an expert. It helps the buyer understand that who you are and what you do. It simply shows your personal and professional strength and brand you as a professional.

Always use some adjective with the service you are offering. It compliments your expertise and leave a good impression.

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Profile Picture

Fiverr's profile picture

The power of a profile picture is that it can turn the mood of a buyer into a pleasant one. If you are having a clear, good picture with a bright wide smile, then it will instill the sense of happiness into the buyer’s mood and would attract more business. People like to interact with the nice people. so look nice and leave a bright smile on the buyer’s face.


The Xpression of Your passion

Staying motivated and inspired would really help you get your all jobs done in time. But how any buyer would know about your love towards what you do? When you are representing yourself as a boring person, who doesn’t have passion for his job actually decreases the trust of the buyer. Therefore, always express what matters to you. The goal is not to make money only but the goal is to believe that your skills can help solve the problems of the buyers. So spread out your passion.

Fiverr Profile Description

Fiverr profile Description

Sometimes, the words are more powerful and inspiring enough to make a difference. How would you actually make a difference with your bio? It’s the foremost important thing that you can use to win someone’s opinion about you. Over the months, I am asked hundreds of times and received a lot of emails regarding this topic.

Every profile, I checked, had a same conventional bio. Making it inspiring is the whole losh of tosh. In the Bio section, not only you get a chance to express your passion but also you get a chance to showcase your achievements, relative experience, services and your skills. Don’t give your introduction in such a way that explains you as a person. Explain yourself as a professional.

Be Trusted, Be Authentic

Fiverr's profile Description

Fiverr does not share your personal information with the buyers. So don’t be shy to connect your Facebook and G+ accounts with your Fiverr’s profile. It brings in the element of trust and authenticity.

Moreover, try to keep your average response time as less as possible. It encourages the buyers to contact with you. Why? because it gives a buyer an idea that when could he expects the response from you.

The online world is too much scattered and everybody is so busy. So the buyers don’t wait too long for a seller to respond. They simply skip one person and hire another.

How could you keep the average response time less?

  • Enable the desktop notifications in your Gmail account setting. If somebody is shooting you a message. It will also be dropped into your email. So let the Gmail notify you.
  • Download the Fiverr’s app in your smartphone and take your business everywhere you go.

But the story doesn’t end here. To keep your business alive, a well-crafted Fiverr’s profile alone will not help. You also need to have a strong and healthy relationship with the buyers and the communication is key to have a good relationship with the buyers. In the next post:

To cut down the whole discussion. In short, an optimized and professional profile is simply your chance of becoming a successful Fiverr Seller.

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