Cross-device retargeting with comprehensive remarketing solutions.

What is Retargeting?

The main purpose behind retargeting & remarketing is to convert the so-called window-shoppers into actual buyers. In general, an estimated 2% of the shoppers are going to convert on their first visit to the web store. The intention of remarketing campaigns is to bring back the remaining 98% of them. The solution functions through keeping close track of the visitors of your website and displaying individually-assigned ads to them when they go ahead and visit other websites.

How does retargeting work on practice?

Now, from a technical prospective, it is necessary to place a specific JavaScript tag located in the footer of your online store. This is a code which is going to generate a list of the people who are visiting your website by placing an anonymous “cookie” in their own browser. This is going to allow Rioks Intelligent Marketing Solutions to properly display specifically designed retargeting ads to said, visitors when they go ahead and visit other websites. We can follow your customers regardless of where they might actually go online, as we work with the biggest ads exchange networks Globally.

Is retargeting effective?

The question should be – why is it so effective? Retargeting is a strategy which is going to deliver larger amounts of sales because it’s essentially keeping your own brand centered and on the front. This brings back window-shoppers exactly when they are actually ready to make a purchase. Every single instance in which your customer sees your ads, the brand is gaining quintessential recognition and traction. At the same time, the considerably higher click-through rates, as well as increased conversions, are typical for properly executed retargeting campaigns.

Integration of industry-leading remarketing practices.

Remarketing is particularly effective if the visitors are previously segmented and the retargeting ads are shown to each specific group (for instance, people who have looked at smartphones or people who have looked at tablets). Furthermore, a clear and prominent call-to-action is going to outline the retargeting campaigns which perform the best.

At the same time, the retargeting time windows should also be deeply considered. Different offers warrant various retargeting time frames. For instance, people who are looking for travel accessories should be retargeted as quickly as it’s possible.

Rioks Intelligent Marketing Solutions has broad and extensive experience in prospecting and retargeting. We are capable of tailoring an individualized campaign by prioritizing the nature and specifications of your enterprise.